A panel of business and organizational experts in partnership with a sports economics institute provides a scientifically sound framework…

  • to determine the regional and economic position of your company
  • certification according to clearly defined criteria
  • for high-quality networking and further development

The sport-economic institute carries out an individualized short impact analysis. In total, an eight-page report is prepared with a presentation of the analytical approach and the calculation results. If appropriate, the analysis is supplemented by socio-economic aspects, such as the importance of voluntary commitment, and by health economic value assessments.

These results can also be used by the certified companies as part of their own corporate documentation, for example in sustainability reporting.


Do you think your company is eligible for Sport Leading Certification?

Submit the application for certification. You will receive a comprehensive questionnaire to present your company. This will then be forwarded to the respective experts for review.

  • Market position, innovation and dynamics, financial strength and sustainability
  • Mission statement, strategy and processes, leadership, stakeholder orientation, social responsibility
  • Structure, functions and internal communication quality

You will receive a comprehensive set of analysis data upon completion of the assessments. In these statements, specific reference is also made to potentials that have not yet been exploited. Concrete solution-oriented recommendations for action tailored to the company in question enable the applicant to improve or optimize his or her corporate quality.

If the results of the review are positive, certification is awarded. This makes you a member of this elite network with the opportunity to use a wide range of exclusive resources.

Evaluation procedure

The company has a clearly communicated vision and written strategies.

The company’s functions and processes are clearly defined and based on a contemporary understanding of management.

The company has solid key business figures or has exceptional market potential.

The company’s fitness is based on continuous quality development, integrated innovation and resource management.

All relevant interfaces to stakeholders are continuously reflected and optimized.

Certification guidelines

Do you also want to be among the best? We will be happy to go through the guidelines with you that will guide you through the certification process.

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