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Sport Leading Certification stands for above-average performance and thus conveys a clear message: Only companies that deliver economic and/or social added value meet the required criteria.

In the first step, customers or network and cooperation partners benefit from this, as they can rely on high quality standards, but in the second step, the certified companies themselves also benefit. In the course of the audit, process optimization and improvement opportunities can be identified through an external perspective. In addition, certification could serve as a valuable tool in the course of acquiring funding.



A Sport Leading Company or a Sport Leading Hotel….

  • is successful because of its methods. In sports, the best package wins. This is about the concept of system-wide optimization of potential and resources.
  • has a clearly communicated vision that is actually put into practice through strategies and goal-oriented standards.
  • is a company that does not focus on short-term maximization of profits, for example, but on value-oriented sustainably optimized corporate success at all levels of the organization.
  • is a model company with an affinity for sports in terms of its social and entrepreneurial orientation.


Sporting events have a great impact on our society and contribute with economic impulses a significant part of the indirect revenues of our tourism.

With the certification as a Sport Leading Event an organizer confirms to achieve a very good and above-average performance under consideration of all criteria. This provides a professional stage for athletes and visitors and makes it easier for public funding and decisions to be enforced.


The functions and achievements of a sports club, association or organization are usually clearly disproportionate to its recognition in society. The clubs, associations and organizations are usually busy with important functions – which are mostly underestimated by the public.

The acquisition of a Sport Leading Certification helps to strengthen and reinforce the social and economic pillars.


The economic and social value that sport can bring to a city or region has received little attention. Sport remains an important pillar of sustainable development and helps a city or region to increase the quality of life and the well-being of its inhabitants.

Certification as a Sport Leading City or Region can not only strengthen the identity of a city or region for its inhabitants, but can also be an important signal for the choice of a business location, a place of work or a venue for a sporting event.


In 2021 alone, around 40,600 companies were founded in Austria, which means that the number of start-ups increased by over 18 percent compared to the previous year. Innovative business ideas with great growth potential are a key indicator of a successful company.

Through the Sport Leading Newcomer certification, promising start-ups are offered a basis to connect with important personalities and decision makers:inside the industry and build a successful future.


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